Flora and Fauna of Kyrgyzstan

We invite everyone to take part in the graduate programs!

Our national graduate programs:

Green KyrgyzstanMountains of KyrgyzstanRivers and lakes
national program based on the references of the international amateur radio program WWFF (WorldWide Flora and Fauna in amateur radio)national program based on the majestic and most beautiful giants of mountain ranges and peaks of Kyrgyzstanthe national program is based on the life-giving water “arteries”, natural lakes and artificial reservoirs of Kyrgyzstan

The main objectives of the graduate programs are:

  • Representation of the Kyrgyz unique system of natural attractions in the global amateur radio community;
  • the motivation and involvement of Kyrgyz radio amateurs in conducting radio expeditions and field work from specially protected natural areas (PAs), from the slopes of the majestic mountains and shores of beautiful water bodies and rivers;
  • increasing the interest of the radio amateur community to conduct QSOs with Kyrgyz radio amateurs working in the field of PAs;
  • drawing the attention of the world community to the problems of such territories, providing them with real and practical assistance;
  • increased interest of the world amateur radio community to visiting the country and conducting radio expeditions from the protected areas of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • carrying out educational work in order to preserve and enhance the natural resources of the planet.

National WWFF Representative in Kyrgyzstan