Mountains of Kyrgyzstan


The program «Mountains of Kyrgyzstan»

       The diploma program “Mountains of Kyrgyzstan / Mountains of Kyrgyzstan” was developed and established by the Radio Amateur Association of Kyrgyzstan in order to increase the activity of amateur radio expeditions to the mountains and conduct amateur radio communications in order to popularize the mountain nature of the Kyrgyz Republic, develop tourism and sports.

For the diploma program “Mountains of Kyrgyzstan / Mountains of Kyrgyzstan”, activity from the slopes, foothills and peaks of mountains and massifs registered in the EXM directory is counted, the boundaries of the zone are defined on the reference map and assigned unique designations (hereinafter — “references”) of the EXM type nnnn, where nnnn is a unique four-digit number.

      All licensed radio amateurs and radio observers (SWL) of the whole world can take part in graduate programs.

      Participants in graduate programs can act both as «hunters» and as «activators».

Hunters — radio amateurs located anywhere and installing QSO (conducting radio surveillance, hereinafter SWL) with activators.Activators — radio amateurs of Kyrgyzstan and other countries that go on the air of references.

Awards are awarded in the following categories:

EXM-A — activator,
EXM-H — the hunter,
EXM-SWL radio observer

Additional Information

EXM — References