Specially Protected Natural Territories of the Kyrgyz Republic

Specially protected natural territories according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On specially protected natural territories”, depending on their purpose and the regime of protection of natural resources and objects, are divided into the following categories that meet international standards and classifications adopted by the International Union for the Protection of Nature: 

  • state nature reserves;
  • state natural parks;
  • state reserves;
  • state natural monuments;
  • state botanical gardens, dendrological and zoological parks;
  • biosphere territories and / or reserves;
  • transboundary specially protected natural areas.


State Nature Reserves of the Kyrgyz Republic

2. Sary-Chelek EXFF-0008
4. Naryn EXFF-0006
5. Karata-Jypyryk EXFF-0004
6. Sarychat-Ertash EXFF-0009
7. Padysh-Ata EXFF-0007
8. Kulun-Ata EXFF-0005
9. Surma-Tash EXFF-0010

*I category — State reserves, completely exempted from human economic activity. It is forbidden to fish, hunt, collect all kinds of plants.


State Natural Parks of the Kyrgyz Republic

1. Ala-Archa EXFF-0011
2. Kyrgyz-Ata EXFF-0015
3.Kara-Shoro EXFF-0014
4. Besh-Tash EXFF-0012
5. Chon-Kemin EXFF-0019
6. Karakol EXFF-0013
7. Salkyn-Tor EXFF-0017
8. Saimaluu-Tash EXFF-0016
9. Sarkent EXFF-0018

** Category II — State National Natural Parks. The following tasks are assigned to them: preservation of landscapes, water bodies, flora and fauna, historical and cultural monuments, creation of conditions for tourism and recreation.


Monuments of nature or geological reserves 

  1. The cave of Alamyshyk. Near the city of Naryn.
  2. Cave of Azhidar-Unkur. Osh region, Nookat district. Depth up to 150m.
  3. Caves of Chil-Ustun and Chil-Mayram. Osh region, Aravan district. Objects with ancient inscriptions.
  4. Big Barite Cave. Osh region, Nookat district. An object with a peculiar pattern of barite deposits. Depth 60m.
  5. Cave of Dzhiideli. Batken region, Kadamzhay district. A unique natural object with a wide variety of forms of crystalline formations. Total length 180m.
  6. Cave of Sogon-Tash. Limestone cave with bizarre stalactites and stalagmites.
  7. Waterfall Abshir-Ata. Osh region, Nookat district. Picturesque waterfall in Paleozoic limestone.
  8. Barskaun Waterfall. Issyk-Kul region, Jeti-Oguz district. Picturesque waterfall in spruce forests.
  9. Waterfall Issyk-Ata. Chui region, Issyk-Ata district. Cascade of three waterfalls 12 m high.
  10. Koguchken sugat waterfall. Chuy region, Alamedin district. Waterfall about 35 m high.
  11. Waterfall Tegerek. Waterfall up to 20 m high.
  12. Dangi Canyon. Osh region, Nookat district. An object with an original landform.
  13. Canyon of Kok-Jerty. Naryn region, Tien Shan region. Picturesque areas along the gorges Son-Kul and Kazhyrty.
  14. Canyon At-Bashi. Naryn region, Atbashinsky district. Original relief forms on red-colored foams.
  15. Rocks of Jeti-Oguz. A unique geomorphological formation — rocks from the red conglomerate.
  16. Rocks of Kara-Zhigach. Jalal-Abad region, Aksy district. A rare geomorphological formation — pillars of red sandstone.
  17. Suleiman Mountain. In the vicinity of Osh. Geomorphological formation with ancient historical monuments.
  18. Kan-i-Gut mine. Batken region, Batken district. Ancient silver-lead mine.